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Saturday, August 29, 2009

81 Cottage8: Behind the Scenes

I’ve been a bit preoccupied this week with all of the buzz surrounding my previous post, swimming in a sea of the best kinds of comments and emails you can get. The kind you only dream of reading. The kind I dreamt about when I was on my knees for three days, armed with a hand trowel and a bucket of Floor Patch, filling in the eight million groves in the old tile of both the kitchen and dining room, in preparation of laying the new floor. For those of you new to my blog, you may want to read this post first to answer some questions you may be pondering about this remodel.




After I finished putting down the floor patch, we were then ready to install the flooring. We went with Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring in Country Pine. It’s water resistant, fairly easy to install, wears well, and it’s vinyl. That’s right, I just said vinyl. Let me just tell you that I’ve had contractors tell me they loved my beautiful wood floors, and when I confessed that they were anything but wood, I was given the thumbs up on our excellent choice of product. Best part is, the tools needed for installation are the following: #1. sharp razor or box cutter #2. metal yard ruler or straight edge. And that’s it. (I was so pooped after that Floor Patch, I forgot to paint our baseboards before Adam starting installing the flooring).




And so the flooring continued on into the kitchen, and into the late, late night. You know the common phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well the photo below speaks volumes, if not abstract foreign languages. This is how 3am looked in my kitchen that night, during our remodel. Let’s closely exam this photo, shall we: The Floor Patch covered floors lie in wait, the missing space on the far lower right is still awaiting it’s new cabinet, which I had yet to assemble. I still hadn’t finished installing the subway tile, on the upper right. The new french pained window hadn’t been installed yet, we were still missing three cabinet door fronts, with no cabinet hardware in sight, and is that a package of cookies on the counter? Don’t let the appliances and faucet fool you. Three months in, and we were still without gas or running water. But check out that nifty light under the hood. Yep, we had really cool electricity.




When it came time to have the new windows installed, the contractor we had measure our windows was off by 3 inches on every single window. Fortunately we found a talented installer who was able to build frames inside the window casings to make up the size difference. He even moved this window 5 inches to the left, so that it would be centered with our faucet. 




Alas, the finished product below: The kitchen




And the finished dining room, below. Of all the photos I’ve taken of our dining room wall, this one is still my favorite. 




There’s Adam painting the living room, below. We first did a coat of Kilz primer on every single surface of this house before we even started painting. I was in charge of painting the walls and fireplace, while Adam did all the ceilings. The ceiling and cinderblock fireplace were done in Behr’s Seaside Sand, and the walls were done in Ralph Lauren’s Canvas Natural. The exact same colors were applied to the kitchen.




Once the walls, fireplace and ceilings were painted, Adam and I pulled up all the horrible old carpet and dragged it outside. Hallelujah. Oh, and that’s the Allure flooring boxes below. It comes in large planks.




Here is the flooring completed on one side of the living room. Shortly after this photo was taken, I was able to clean all the dusty shoe prints off the new floor. Note: the blue curtains were just a temporary fix, as we often worked into the very late hours of the night and needed privacy from the street.




Now it’s on to the other side of the living room, and later the hallway and kitchen/dining room for their flooring treatments. Labor intensive, yes, but this sure beat using power tools and dealing with saw dust.




And finally, the finished product:




I’ve received so many questions…where did you get this, how did you do that. All topics will be covered and discussed in future posts. But the #1 most frequently asked question hands down was: How did you do that to your refrigerator?




12 years ago, Adam and were living in a small 900 square foot condo which served as an experimental testing ground for my decorating conquests. Some of which panned out, and others, well not so much. These were the days before blogs, and we didn’t watch any television, whatsoever, for over 6 years. It was a choice that at that time suited us and our lifestyles perfectly. So naturally, I’d never heard of a thing called HGTV. In my own mind, I’d pictured creating a kitchen that looked like it could be from a far away place, such as France, so I hand painted the old floors in a large diamond pattern, did a faux ragging treatment on the cabinets to make them look old, and hand stenciled a phrase above the cabinets in an Old English font. Mind you, the refrigerator was still avocado green and I hadn’t any big plans for it yet.


While wandering around the hardware store one day, I discovered this fantastic material they called bead board. As I stood there in the isle, I suddenly had a vision of somehow adhering this paneling to my refrigerator. It wasn’t sure how I was going to do it yet, but I bought several panels of the stuff, as well as some thick trim. First I measured the front doors of my refrigerator, and then proceeded to cut the bead board panels by hand with a small 12 inch miter box saw {Just imagine cutting wood with a nail file}. These were the days before I owned any power tools of course. I then primed and painted my bead board and trim, and pulled out my handy hot glue gun. Wait, does that qualify as a power tool? I used the hot glue to adhere the bead board and trim to the front doors, and then bought a spray can of enamel appliance paint for the sides of the fridge. I finished the look with outdoor fence hinges and pulls and hand screwed them into the doors. Pretty simple really, and effective too. It’s held up all these years. Besides I still get a giggle when someone comes into our kitchen for a glass of water and says “Where the heck’s your refrigerator?


Please join me in a few days when I cover the remodel of our dining room wall, and the process and inspiration behind it.


  1. It is all amazing!! And the way you did your refrigerator is ingenious!!


  2. Wow! I am so impressed that I just don't have any words. I don't think there's anything I could say here that would express what a fantastic job I think you've done.

  3. Well, blow me down with a feather!! I cannot believe that the fridge project was that simple!! Hot glue has held that beadboard in place all this time? Well, I guess the screws do help! I actually think that is the neatest thing ever! If I'd only known about it a couple years ago before I went out and bought stainless steel--I'd much rather kept my old fridge and just Re-faced it like yours. Oh well, can't cry over spilled milk!

    I am so glad you posted about that Allure Vinyl flooring. It has been recommended more than once to us instead of wood laminate. I've looked at it and it is very pretty. I have just been unsure about the product. From the pictures, yours look fantastic! We are waiting until we have all the carpentry work finished here at the farmhouse before we tackle the floors. I am glad--maybe seeing yours will sell me on that product. Thanks so much for sharing the story.

    Your home is beautiful Jennifer. You are an inspiration to me and hundreds of other people as well. I know you are so proud of your home and even though you and Adam have worked 'til you were dead tired, I know that every minute of it has been worth the finished product. Yes, your pictures are worth 1000 words.

    Best wishes,

  4. I simply cannot believe that you used a glue gun to adhere the bead board to your frig.....what a wonderful transformation and how clever are you???????
    The faux wood floor looks absolutely fabulous and I know for a fact its much easier to clean and care for than real wood.
    Looking forward to future updates and maybe something I can use for my own home.

  5. What a gorgeous home you have. A stunning transformation, Im in awe.

  6. What a gorgeous home you have. A stunning transformation, Im in awe.

  7. I am awe struck!!! It is gorgeous &!!! that fridge ... WOW!!! You did a marvelous job, dah-lin!

    TTFN ~Marydon

  8. I am soooooo in love with your kitchen and dining room! I love everything about it! Thanks for the buckets of inspiration!

  9. I'm back and to say it again, everything is beautiful!
    Thanks for posting your crafty and clever fridge idea! I have a side-by-side, not stainless but looks like it - which my very cute but very destructive grandson scratched up with a knife. Ouch!!! It is brand new, but could really use a face lift! What a great idea!

  10. Jennifer
    You are astounding!!I do have one question about the floor. Can somewhat heavy furniture leave indentations in it? Would you recommend it for a busy kitchen? Would kitchen chairs mess it up? How about a bedroom? Lori

  11. I'm SO enjoying watching your remodel unfold! I bet you were so happy to get rid of that carpet! Interesting tips on the vinyl "wood" floors. Never heard of it before! Will have to investigate.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  12. Absolutely amazing! I had the vinyl type flooring like yours where I used to live. So easy to care for! I would never have guessed you used it though. :-)

    I so admire you both for your creativity and tenacity. Bravo!


  13. hello...

    I adored your idea and your work..you are talented..your house is so beautiful...I like it so much.. :)

  14. This is AMAZING! It absolutely took my breath away! What an incredible vision you had!

  15. I think one of your friends should write to Romantic Homes or to HGTV and have your home showed off. Beautiful transformation. You should be quite proud of yourself!!!

  16. I keep coming back to look at your remodel. It is simply amazing! How long did it take from start to finish? Great job!


  17. Your refrigerator is done with hot glue? Are you kidding me? Matilda (my glue gun) and I bow down to your genius.
    I've looked at your remodel about 50 times since you posted it. I'm so in awe. BTW, why don't your photos enlarge? I want to see more detail! Though I don't know if my keyboard can handle any more drool.

  18. Great photos. How clever to do that to your fridge

  19. You are doing an awesome job! I just found you last week and my husband and I both are in amazed by the progree you have made. We too are little by little, redoing our cottage. We will be adding two rooms towards the back of the house soon and I will be posting. Please come and visit and get a look at my house at the bottom of my blog page. We are of like minds!!! Anita

  20. Jennifer,

    What can I say but OMG!!!! Your Cottage is absolutely astounding. I love, love, love it. I know exactly how hard it is to do all the work yourself too! And it's exhausting to say the least.

    I just want to say Bravo to the both of you for an amazing job and a gorgeous new home. It's stunning Jen. Thank you for sharing the process and the finish masterpiece with all of us.

    xo Cath

  21. Jennifer, you've been busy. I don't know what post I like the best, the makeover or the work behind the scenes! Adam is a trooper! Hope to hear from you about the Ventura Flea before reserving a spot!

  22. Amazing - a glue gun and bead board and trim! It sounds easy, but I have a feeling you are a bit more talented at this stuff than I. Nevertheless, bravo! I love that it has lasted so long! I also love your floors. We have old wide plank pine that is lovely, but wasn't coated with anything protective - our dogs have scratched it all up! I suppose it gives the house a lived-in look!

    I love reading all your how-tos. Keep them coming!

  23. I had showed my husband that flooring for our kitchen and bath rooms. He had then talked about going into the family room and I said I wasn't sure about the vinyl in that room. Seeing it in yours makes me think twice. You did a wonderful job.

  24. NEVER underestimate the power of a glue gun!
    I cannot tell you how many people I have shared your before and after with. Everytime someone is near a computer with me I go onto it and oogle over it again. When I am not looking at it, I am thinking about it! I even highlighted you on my blog. Can I say inpirational? Yes, I can and it is YOU!!! Keep 'em coming!
    ♥ Jen

  25. A gal after my own heart./

    Just coming over for a visit. I have changed all of my buttons.
    I have the Knock Off Knock Out party on Mondays and we have a brand new party starting this week. It will be every Wed and featuring Holiday Decor and/or tasty treats. Come on by.

    Its So Very Cheri

  26. Wow, what a transformation! Very fine home.
    The whole neighborhood benefits and I am sure they are glad to have the both of you. Thanks for sharing your remodel and will come back for a visit.

  27. Jennifer, I have been wondering how to make over my fridge without purchasing the kits which are pricey. I am already figuring out how to do mine, thank you for sharing. Your before and afters are great!

  28. Amazing amount of work. But your home is absolutely charming. I'm so happy you are sharing before and after photos. I so enjoy visiting your blog! Thank you for the time and effort I know it takes to share all this.
    Sarah @ Hyacinths

  29. Love the transformation of your home! It is such an inspiration; trying to absorb all of the great ideas. I have a question about the plate rack in your kitchen. Is this something that I could find on eBay or an antique store? Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.

  30. Good morning Jennifer,
    I just love your kitchen...it was certainly worth all the long nights and hard work you guys put into it. I fell in love with your fridge the first time I saw it. I had no idea you had refaced it yourself. What a clever idea! Did I understand correctly? This is the original fridge you refaced? Wow! It looks great! I love, love, love it. You're so creative. Can't wait to see more. Thank you so much for sharing your remodeling journey with us. Have a wonderful Monday!

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  31. I just can't stay away from here! LOL I'm going to love all of your "how we did it" posts!!! LOVE the fridge idea! LOVE it!


  32. I'm sitting at my computer with my mouth wide open! Your home is so beautifully redone. And your refrigerator - AMAZING - a hot glue gun?!?!! I'm so doing this to my tired old fridge! Thanks for sharing.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. I had to giggle at your refrigerator transformation. Sounds like something I would do, if I had your creative genius!
    Great redo. Looking forward to seeing more.

  35. Hey Jen,
    Just checking your blog.
    You guys did a fabulous job!!
    How great for people to see the befores and afters.
    Hope you are keeping cool!!
    Check my blog for the baby shower pictures.
    Chat soon,

  36. I am still amazed at all the hard work you guys put into that place and how stunning it turned out! I am sure we will see it on the pages of a magazine soon enough ;) Thanks for sharing all of your insight and tips Jennifer!

  37. thank you for sharing your home with us! it is so beautiful- i hope you're loving it & enjoying it now that all that hard work is behind you. (or busy planning the next project?) we're getting ready to put vinyl flooring in the attic playroom of our new home (which is a very old home), and this post was just the encouragement that i needed! thank you!

  38. Your posts are like a never-ending fairy tale! Thank you so much for allowing me to post some of your pictures on my blog, they were a bit hit! I wanted to ask you about the little low-boy dresser in your living room, the white one with the dark stained top. It looks like an old dresser missing a drawer where you put the tablecloths, blankets or whatever. Did you refinish the dresser or did it come that way? If you refinished it, can you tell me the paint color and stain color? You can respond to me at judy36109@yahoo.com.

    As ever, thank you!

  39. I would have never guessed that you used hot glue. I'm thinking construction adhesive or something "heavy duty" (I've been around my husband too long). I think a lot of the time we (remodelers) make it too complicated. Thanks so much for the info, now where did you get that awesome spoon print?!!

  40. You've worked incredibly hard and it shows...it's just jaw-dropping amazing!!!

    :) T

  41. Oh, be still my heart !!! A kindred spirit. Firstly, a huge congratulations, your home is just superb. I have just happened upon your site !! Dang the dishes and the washing, I've just poured a mineral water and I'm ready to sit for an hour (or two) and take in all the lusciousness of your hard work. Well done and thank you.

  42. .....and I was thinking about emailing you to ask what kind of "wood" floors you installed. OMG!! Vinyl? That is soooo what I need with having my two scotties. (Fiona's pee pee would just puddle on that!)

    Jennifer, this is so much fun having you take us through the process. You and Adam should be so proud of yourselves! I am proud of you both!!!!!!!


  43. Jennifer, what can I say, your new home is looking just gorgeous. That kitchen...wow ow wow...beautiful work that you and your hubby are doing.


  44. WOW! What an inspiration you are! I LOVE your home~~~~It makes me want to bring out a paint brush:)
    I'm looking forward in seeing lots more~~~~

  45. Love, love, love what you've done! I know it must have been a lot of hard work, but boy, oh boy, are you reaping the rewards.

    Be blessed today!


  46. Everything is so gorgeous! I will be marking this post to refer to all the time.

  47. Hi, I´ve just found your blog... I´m amazed with the "afters", it turned out an incredible home, lovely and charming.
    Congratulations, and perhaps you would like to have a look at my recently opened blog about my home and garden. I live in Chile, southamerica, at 1080 mts. high in the Los Andes mountains.
    I´ll keep coming back to your blog to see what´s new!!!
    Thank you, and excuse my english.
    María Cecilia

  48. OMG.
    How absolutely divine your cottage is!!
    I shall not covet.
    I shall not covet.
    I shall not covet.

    Oh...nuts...I guess confession is good for the soul!

  49. Your cottage is so-o beautiful, I just keep looking at the pics, again and again. The transformation is truly amazing. I was wondering why your side by side fridge was not as deep as most that you see, is it because it is quite old? I wish I had an old side by side then, the new ones are much too deep for our tiny kitchen. Thank you for allowing us to see your work, you and you husbands are geniuses. Hugs, Cindy S.

  50. I am popping in from The Lettered Cottage. Your home is gorgeous! I had to smile when I saw your flooring. We installed a very similar product by Mannington in our kitchen a couple of years ago...large planks that you just score and then butt up against one another. I have had SO many people tell me how much they LOVE my WOOD floor!! I absolutely LOVE that flooring...it hides scratches very well and it cleans up easily. I do not fear moisture...the finish does not bubble up or get weird like some laminate products do. I love it!

  51. I love it!!!! Wonderful blog and great transformation of your home!

    Will look forward to more updates!

  52. I can't believe how amazingly simple it was to redo your refrigerator! And it looks fabulous! You are one smart & creative lady!

  53. Every thing looks fab...but oh did you solve a problem for me. I am in the early stages of designing a new house and I want at least two fridges and maybe a free standing freezer uh...ugly, Now I know how to make them look like cabinetry on my budget. My hubby will be looking at this post for sure. Thanks sweety...necessity is the mother of invention.
    Lee @ Inspired Comblogulations
    Come check out my $25,000 house we built from scratch...including the landscape. Isn't God good!

  54. Love the spoon print. Where did you find it???

  55. i am lusting after your house! that frig project is a.ma.zing.

  56. Love, love LOVE your fridge! :) SO creative and unique!!!

  57. I just came over from the Nester's and my jaw is.on.the.floor. I love, love, love everything! Great job.

  58. Oh my goodness, I absolutely ♥ everything!! I ♥ ♥ ♥ the fridge!! You're a genius. Great job! Can't wait to read more.

    Stopping by from Nesting Place.

  59. WOW. That after picture gives me such hope! We're about to buy a home with a kitchen that needs a little work. Amazing what can be accomplished - yours looks straight out of a magazine! Great job!

  60. WOW! Your home is beautiful! And the photos look so professional like they were taken right from a magazine! Love everything!!!!!!

  61. Wow! This is Amazing! I can't wait to have my own place so that I can decorate and be creative!

    So inspiring! - LOVE THE FRIDGE!

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. I am in awe! Literally hyperventilating with excitement at the possibilities of making my refrigerator look anything LIKE that!


  64. Let's see $1,500.00 for custom cabinet 'fridge covering or...maybe $50? It looks FAB. Sometimes "ignorance" of knowing you "can't do this" is bliss. :>)

  65. OK Jennifer- This is unbelievable. I've scanned through and admired your pictures before- gorgeous BTW. But I just now read your comments on the fridge. Awesome. Amazing. A flash of brilliance. Really. You did that yourself? With some hot glue, beadboard and a miter box? You're inspiring! Kudos to you and your hubby!

  66. Oh! And I forgot- tell us about your counters!!

  67. WOWZA~! I need you to come practice on MY home! ;-) You did an excellent job! And I am also aboard the Lovin' That Fridge train! I can't get over how you put it together - and that it's lasted all these years. Amazing. =-D

  68. Wow!! I love it.

    I can't believe a glue gun held that - what kind of glue did you use? I'm amazed it hasn't fallen off - I want to try it. :)

  69. That fridge is to die for! I have an ugly almond colored hand me down from my grandma. I am definitely going to try this!

  70. WOW! You are either a decorator or a copier! You are a 100% decorator! Delish kitchen

  71. Beautiful home! My husband and I put in the same flooring all through our house and LOVE it!!!

  72. That is such an amazing make over it's unreal!!! What an absolutely fabulous house. This house is exactly what I aspire for ours to be, EXACTLY and it's so exciting to see someone take something so shabby (in a not good way) an turn into something so chic (in a fabulous way) Thanks so much for sharing! And your fridge is to die for!

  73. Gorgeous!! Would this faux wood flooring work in a basement? I would love to do this in my basement instead of the carpet there now.

  74. Hey!! I love the after photos! So you can drill into the fridge? hugs


  75. I just found your blog through the Lettered Cottage and I love it! I love your style and everything else. Thanks for sharing!

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. hi, i love the kitchen redo, and i had a couple of questions...
    where did you get your island overhead lighting?
    where did you get the white shelves?
    about how much was the redo, if you don't mind answering that.

    i am buying a house and it has basically this same exact kitchen floorplan and i would love to do something very similar to this.

    thank you for your help...

  78. I so love and admire your kitchen and it is the inspiration for the redo I'm in the middle of right now. Thank you for being so stylish. Check out my progress on my blog if you like. http://candiandscottathome.blogspot.com/

  79. I love your chutzpah! I had a similar idea for the fridge but was too chicken to do it. You have inspired me!
    The living room looks great too. How is the Allure floor holding up?

  80. I am currently building a small house on some rural property. I have a "Man Cave" refrigerator that I inherited from my folks I plan to use in the house. Unfortunately my father bumped it with his car and dented the door. Your beadboard idea is brilliant. This is the perfect solution, since otherwise the fridge runs great. Thank you for some fantastic inspiration!


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