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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

12 Stylist Crush: Sibella Court

During a recent visit to Anthropologie, Adam and I happened across the most amazing book, Etcetera, by Sibella Court. I had recognized Sibella from an episode of a show called “Man Shops Globe” I watched on the Sundance Channel , when they toured her shop The Society Inc. in Australia.

Originally, this book was going to be my Christmas gift, but there was no chance of me holding out for 39 days, so we turned the car around and drove right back to the store to purchase it…


There is something extremely magical, even a bit mysterious about Sibella and the way she does her styling. I could just sink right into her rooms…


I find Sibella’s work very refreshing. It’s such a different take on decorating. Exposed lamp wire cords, random items taped up on walls, loose fabric yardage on the floor. It reminds me not to take everything so seriously, and relax with it once in a while…


That yarn covered branch on the right, I am completely inspired…


Wallpaper rolls on the walls and wire lampshades under the sofa, I admire Sibella’s free spirited nature…


She is indeed a true curator of curiosities and wonderment…


Objects you may not look at twice but so impactful in a grouping, such as her interesting collection of barbed wire…


In addition to interior and magazine styling, Sibella works with Australian paint company Murobond, where she creates a new collection of paint colors every few months. Once her paint color collection is ready for market, she pulls inspiration from her new color palette and recreates her entire shop to tell her color story. 


I hope this has offered a little inspiration into your day. Have a great rest of the week!


P.S. You can purchase this book at Anthropologie, and it’s also offered on Amazon.


  1. Hello from France !
    It is very funny because I received the book from Amazon yesterday and it is great !

  2. I wonder if the stylists at Anthropologie use her work as inspiration. Some of the pictures look like an Anthropologie catalog! Thanks so much for sharing. Next time I'm in Anthropologie, I will peruse her book because I am in there every week!

  3. Very interesting, very creative. She is a trail breaker, I would say. Good for someone who breaks the rules and does it so beautifully.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Ahhh. Im in love. How great is that red pillow. OMG. Its perfect. I wish I could have it. lol. I love it. Thanks

  5. Oh my thank you for introducing me to Sibella. I have been pouring through her website getting inspiration!

  6. Looks interesting I will have to check it out.She has a web? Will have to google it~Thanks Kim

  7. Jennifer, this is one fantastic book. Thank you for sharing. Her style is as if looking at a sculpture. The willow bench in it's natural state sans cushion to sit on is just fantastic. I have been extremely bored lately, was just telling a friend, with seeing the same things in cottage decor, so it's nice to view something new, exciting, and different that isn't just a copy of the same rooms over and over. Thanks for the peer into a new window, tami

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. that looks fantastic, another decorating book to add to my collection. Thanks for the tip

  9. How unique and inspiring...thanks for sharing!

  10. I guess I'm the odd woman out here - I don't like this decorating style at all! Too sloppy looking for my tastes. Makes me want to go into those rooms and straighten everything out & hide the electrical cords, lol. Must be the perfectionist in me. Oh well.

  11. Jennifer,
    My daughter works for Anthro (display!) and got me this book for Mother's Day. I LOVE it - it is my favorite book - the style, COLORS and everything about it! I would highly recommend it - an artists delight!


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