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Friday, March 2, 2012

8 Happy Friday!

This week’s been a crazy one here at TOPC, so I’m rolling out the red carpet to officially welcome the weekend’s much anticipated arrival! 

I’m looking forward to a movie night and popcorn at home with my favorite guy. Trying out some new recipes I’ve been dying to experiment with. Whipping up a few home cooked meals from the local produce I plan on buying at the organic farmers market in Santa Monica. Tackling a crown moulding project I’ve been putting off all week. And squeezing in a few hours of flea marketing for treasures.

Yes, I know it’s pretty optimistic of me to think I can wrangle all this in within the next 2 days, but I’m a glass-is-always-full kinda girl : ) 

big wheel

A couple fun things to help kick off your weekend…

Don’t forget to check out March’s new
Cottage of the Month. I’ve featured Alison from The Polohouse, and I think I’ve already died and gone to heaven twice. So magnificent. I’ve given Alison fair warning that I just might show up at her front door one day with my suitcases packed.

Also, our sidebar sponsor Barbara, from
Brick House Fabrics, is having a “Mad as a March hare” sale going on right now, with many fabrics marked down to $9.99 to help clear stock for over 100 new fabrics they are expecting. The sale is going to run through the next three weeks.


I want to thank you for your thoughtful comments on
my photo from last weeks post.

A few random facts…

1. You probably couldn’t tell, but I’m incredibly camera shy.

2. I took the photo myself. I hit the timer on the camera, ran straight for the chair and quickly threw my legs over the arm.

3. I’m a complete goofball.

4. I’m going to burn that sweater as soon as I finish typing this post. You wouldn’t know it by that photo, but I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight (more on that soon, promise). I think the care tag on that sweater should have read “Warning: sweater guaranteed to add 50lbs”. Cheers!

Have a happy weekend friends, whatever your plans may be : )

Till next time, click and keep up with us on our favorite sites….





  1. Alison's house is one of my all time favorite homes and she is a sweetie to boot! (ha, boot, riding boot... polo house.. too much?) Anyway - thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely weekend! - Jalon

  2. OMG Jennifer-march's cottage of the month had me drooling all over my poor computer! I couldn't stop looking at that fabulous kitchen!!! as always....a gorgeous cottage of the month!:) chris

  3. Thank you for this blog. I love every single thing in it! I think you and I have the same sweater! Sharon :D

  4. You know, I don't know HOW I missed you before during my tours through blogland. I saw your name pop up twice today and followed the link here. You are just DELIGHTFUL. Cute and funny and sweet. What more could I ask for in a blog...well...unless you want to send me money for following..that would be good!;>) So, I am your newest follower and looking forward to getting to know you better! xo Diana

  5. Love your random facts, and you do look marvelous. Please do share how you lost the weight!
    I am a goofball too and don't have many pics of myself either! Took me a while to find one for
    you last weekend. Thanks so much Jennifer for featuring my home.
    Oh my heavens... such a wonderful compliment to be part of your special club of home tours!

    Will go check out the fabric sale now.
    Always love a great sale!

  6. Sounds like you are well on your way to a fabulous weekend! Cheers!

  7. I hope you did have a great weekend. And you look fabulous in person!

  8. I grew up in Pacific Palisades and would like a copy of the photo of the Ferris wheel from POP. Any chance you would be willing to let one go or email it to me? Thanks, Lexie


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