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Monday, April 9, 2012

12 Kismet

I’d like you to meet my friends Lori and Patrice, founders of The Topanga Vintage Market

tvm ladies

Topanga Vintage Market is a brand new, monthly outdoor flea market debuting its very first show on April 22nd, Earth Day. And according to Lori, it’s almost already sold out!

We are over the moon excited to be a vendor at this very first show!

It’s going to be held the 4th Sunday of every month. And it’s located in the parking lot of the Westfield Promenade, in Woodland Hills. Off the 101 freeway, at Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Oxnard St. 

Funny little story…

I had a dentist appointment in the valley, with a specialist I’d never seen before. The appointment was much quicker than I
anticipated, and I had a little time to kill before I had to get back home. So as I was driving down Topanga Canyon Blvd, I decided to pull off into the Westfield parking lot to check out my space before a couple weeks before the show, just to get the lay of the land. Lori and Patrice assured me my space would have lots and lots of shade, thanks to the tall pine trees that line the sidewalk.


As I was pulling into the parking lot where the market is to be held, I saw two ladies waving in my direction, but I didn’t recognize them because I was too far away, and didn’t have my glasses on.

So I kept on driving closer and closer toward them until I heard one of them say to the other “Is
that Jennifer??”

Sure enough, it was Lori and Patrice, practically standing in front of my space! They were surveying the parking lot and planning out the final details for the upcoming flea market.

TVM market

They pointed out where my space is going be for the show, and it’s two parking spaces wide. Perfect for all the unique finds I’ve been storing up for the event. And b
y the way, that’s Oxnard Street just beyond the trees, where all those cars are lined up at the intersection. They couldn’t have picked a better location for a flea market!

tvm market3

All the excitement made us hungry, so the ladies offered to take me lunch at PF Changs, just across the parking lot. And I found out it was Patrice’s birthday that day!

lunch ladies

kis·met: (n) fate; destiny.

Sometimes in life two separately driven paths collide and intersect into one. And when this occurs it brings a big, happy smile to ones face : )




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  1. Jennifer, that is so neat that they just happen to be there when you showed up. How cool is that?
    I wish that I could come to the flea market but I am just too far away. I know you will have a great time!

    Have a great day

    1. I'll be taking pics the day of the show, Mecky! It may not be a plane ticket, but I hope it'll suffice ; )

  2. Can't wait to see your "during & after" pics. Always scope out a venue beforehand. No two parking spaces are the same...especially in the predawn set-up. THE MR thinks I'm bonkers cause I'll stage my booth in the garage & refuse help packing the van!!! Sell lots and have fun...

    1. LOL'ing over staging your booth in the garage...that is totally something I would do!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    My girlfriend and I are so excited to be a part of this new show too! I laugh when I tell people how I found you at the Ventura Market! I asked you "I'm looking for a girl that has a blog called The Painted Cottage, I don't know how I'm going to find her? Your answer "I'm the Old Painted Cottage". I love when stuff like that happens...so meant to be! Look forward to seeing you on the 22nd. Victoria

    1. Hi Victoria! We are still pinching ourselves over that coincidence : )
      So glad to meet you in person, and look forward to seeing you again soon!

  4. hi Jennifer, I cannot wait to share this wonderful show with you!!!

    Save me a space of that prime real estate in the shade.

    Love Laurie

  5. That's awesome Jennifer! I am super excited fo you. I know you will have tons of wonderful things for sale. And I hope you far exceed any expectations you have.
    Have tons of fun. And thank you for sharing! You are always so joyful!!
    Ciao for now, Shabby Jen

  6. Looking forward to going too! Excited to have something like this in the Valley! I will look for you, I've been reading your blog for a long time! Good luck with your booth! Staci

    1. Staci - So glad you can attend! Please make sure you introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!


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