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Friday, September 21, 2012

4 Gratitude and Sunday Plans

I’ve said it many times before, but this blogging community is an amazing place to be surrounded by. The support you’ve given us is simply overwhelming and totally heartwarming all at once. We are taking each day in stride, and I’m feeling a little more positive. Thank you for all the encouraging words my friends. Each and every single last one. It’s meant the world to me, more than I can possibly say.

Teri COTM 205

I’ve been a bit cooped up in the house these past few weeks, so with the help of a much trusted friend to watch over Chloe this Sunday, we’ve made ourselves some plans…

Ever found yourself wanting to be in two places at the same time? You may find yourself in a similar predicament when I tell you there are two amazing flea markets going on this weekend, both the same day.

This Sunday: The Ventura Flea Market at the Ventura Fair Grounds, and The Topanga Vintage Market in Woodland Hills.

We are regular vendors and big fans of both markets, so choosing was especially difficult. We ultimately decided to sell at the Ventura Flea Market this Sunday, being we prematurely bought our ticket over half a year in advance. But you’ll be seeing us again next month at Topanga Vintage Market, October 28th.

As always, if you come to the show, please come up and introduce yourself. I have met so many nice bloggers this way.

PS – an extra note of gratitude to Teri, a lovely lady who was kind enough to let me shoot her house for an upcoming feature, and made me feel right at home with good conversation, a cup of hot tea and a delicious meal. 

Simple acts of kindness can really make one’s day : )


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  1. Praying Chloe is okay. I love the picture of her and Skylar on your bed. So sweet.

  2. I have had no time to blog or read my favorites lately. I can't believe I missed the Ventura Flea Market today. I was just talking about it last night because we were using a vintage tablecloth I purchased there in the spring. Maybe I will try for the Topanga show in October. I don't know who Chloe is or what is wrong, but my thoughts are with you. I will scroll back to see what's up.

  3. So beautiful! Every room in your house is a visual delight. Looking forward to all the details! Home Plans

  4. Having been on the receiving end of many "simple acts of kindness" your blog reminded me to invest a little of my time today..performing my own teeny, tiny, earth miracles in my own little corner of the world!

    Thanks for the beautiful sharing of your life, struggles, and joys in such an inspiring transparent, and gracious way.

    Lori Taylor-Schulte


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