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Monday, April 15, 2013

11 Healing

It’s amazing how connected the mind and body are. Lately my dampened spirits have taken quiet refuge in my bones and nerves, preventing me from lifting heavy objects and moving and rearranging furniture (one of my favorite past-times when I find myself with a few idle minutes on my hands). Sitting still has never been something I’m good at. My mom likes to call it “ants in my pants”.

We recently drove to Vegas to celebrate mom’s 70th birthday, and during the 4 1/2 hour drive, I flipped through piles of magazines like a mad woman, refreshed the incoming feed on instagram about every 30 seconds, and chatted poor Adam’s ear off the entire drive. (If you follow me on instagram, you can see pics I shared from our trip). It felt so good to get away and celebrate with my family.

With the beautiful weather we’re having lately, I’ve been finding myself in the garden almost daily. With the help of our landscaper, we’ve planted nearly a dozen trees, everything from birch and olive, to lemon and apricots, along with roses and pink jasmine. We decided to create a memorial garden in memory of Chloe. I needed a touchstone; a physical place to still connect with her. 

We buried her ashes under one of the tall existing trees in our backyard, next to the fountain and the red geraniums. Large rounded grey rocks form a circle with tiny white flowers, and a candle in the center marks her grave. The peace and quiet comfort this memorial garden has given me has been such a gift. It’s
brought me closure and understanding. 

Thank you for your emails, cards, flowers, prayers and thoughtful gestures and comments. It fills me up knowing I’m surrounded with so much love out there. I am grateful. And to Chloe, our little girl who wrapped her tail around our hearts. Thank you for loving us back.


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  1. I would love to see your new garden! xxoo Marcy

  2. What a wonderful memorial to your long-time companion~

  3. I just lost my Pumpkin kitty on March 9, unexpectedly. Yes, we knew she was ill, but kitties's systems are so small, it takes no time at all for a sudden turn. She looked remarkably like your Chloe. We are still grieving, and as the weather ATTEMPTS to turn here in MI, I am sad to think about being out on the deck without her. She had a pink leash and collar, and snoozing all day on her own deck chair was her favorite thing. Her housemate Jinx is adjusting to being the queen now, but still looks for her every day.

    I wonder if they understand how much we love them! And how it hurts to say goodbye!

  4. Saying goodbye to a pet is very difficult. I have lost 4 of my pets (dogs) over the past 20 years. I have all their ashes and when I go we will all be together.
    I'm so glad that you are feeling better and that you have a memorial garden that you can go and sit close to your beloved pet. They sure get close to our hearts don't they?
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. I know you are still hurting. I will pray for you today. When we lost one of our favorite dogs after 7 years of growing with our children, both my husband and I would be moved to tears just thinking about her for months after. Even now years later we still remember her with love. We have our Molly now and I can't imagine the day without her in my life.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    So glad you are doing a special place for Chole. We are going to bury our little basset hound Molly's ashes in our backyard garden too. She had a special place she liked to lay in my garden so that is the place I will bury her ashes if we ever get some nice weather here in Chicago!!!!!! Good thoughts and prayers are coming your way.


  7. Jennifer, I'm so sad for you. The memorial garden for Chloe in your backyard sounds beautiful, and how nice to have it be so close. I know this has been so hard for you. I'm thinking about you and wishing you all the best as you heal. Take care, sweet friend.

  8. What a wonderful idea to make a memorial garden for your beloved pet. Big hugs to you.

  9. I'm glad you have an area in the garden where you can remember Chloe. I would love to see the memorial and also all the trees you have planted. Sounds pretty.

  10. We are indeed blessed by the presence of these guardian angels in our lives.
    She will forever be watching and running with you in the garden Jenn. My heart is full for the 3 of you.... xo Roe

  11. Sending you love and comfort Jennifer. Sounds like you are doing well though; good for you! Kathryn :)


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