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Saturday, October 19, 2013

16 Cottage8: Another Flooring Project and My Favorite Rug

So we’ve been spending a lot of time in the bedroom lately. Wait, that didn’t come out right. Let me rephrase: We’ve been working on several projects in the bedroom lately. Namely the flooring.    

Mind you, there was nothing terribly wrong with the white carpet we picked out five years ago. I was feeling ready for a change, and you know how I tend to get all antsy-pantsy if anything sits too long or begins to feels stagnant in a room.   

Here lies the old carpet, post furniture removal…    


bedroom flooring2  
To prepare for our new flooring we tore all the carpet and padding, right down to the 50-year-old orange speckled mystery tile…      

bedroom flooring1     
The flooring we picked out? You guessed it, Allure's “Country Pine” vinyl plank flooring…    

Once we have it all laid down and rolled out with the metal roller we will post it here!

In the meantime, if you would like to see a step-by-step tutorial on how we did the Allure flooring in our guest bedroom, click
here. I must say, we are very pleased with this flooring. We installed it 5 years ago in our living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway and we absolutely love it!

There’s a little something else I wanted to share with you…

This gorgeous jute rug!

After buying our new Crate and Barrel Petrie sofa (you can read about our sofa adventure
here), it was time for a rug upgrade. We got ours from Cost Plus World Market.       


 Not only is it soft on bare feet, which is highly important to both of us, as we have a ‘no shoes policy’ in our house, it also wears beautifully. It’s thicker than most jute rugs, and it’s the first non-scratchy/itchy jute rug I’ve seen. For cleaning, I use the hose attachment on our vacuum, and that works fine for us.     


Best of all, this rug is on sale now, through Sunday night! Click here to check it out.       
*We are not compensated to endorse these products, we just love them and we love sharing good finds with friends : )
PS: Next weekend is the ‘new’ Vintage Market, now located at Pierce College! Maybe I’ll see you there. Maybe we can shop together. Just look for the curly-haired girl with the shopping cart full of goodies! 



Till next time, click and keep up with us on our favorite sites…


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  1. Oh I love the new floors. I am so eager to change out a few rooms in my house and get rid of some carpet. Gorgeous room. Hugs, Marty

  2. Jennifer the new floor in your bedroom is beautiful and makes the whole room look new. I love to see pictures of your cozy bedroom. The jute rug is awesome too. Love that.

    1. Thanks Kris, but we haven't put down the new floors yet...that's old linoleum tiles you're looking at, lol!

  3. We did away with carpet in our home and love it. My asthma and allergies are so bad, so carpet is a no-no. Just love seeing your updates on cottage 8!

    1. Thanks Patricia! We have found the same thing, getting rid of the carpet is the best thing would could have done for our health!

  4. Your bedroom is just lovely! You have such great taste...so homey and warm. Blessings!

  5. I just got done installing this in my upstairs bath. Which previously had carpet installed under the toilet [ black mold and rotten wood] Hmmm get the picture NASTY. I installed my self and even put down a vapor barrier and floor leveling compound. I did have my husband pull the toilet and a handy man fix the dang floor and the poorly installed toilet flange. I learned a lot but am VERY proud of the job I did around that flange.I think I also used the vintage pine. I used the paper that was between the planks to make a pattern for the trickie areas, also the vapor barrior was really wrinkled so
    I did soften that up in the dryer for about 60 seconds and used a hair dryer for the remaining wrinkles.I liked this product cause I could diy and the colors graining and texture are awsome!!!! I found the directions at the bottom of the box when I was almost done ha ha. But I had checked on line , blogs ect to figure it out ;).

  6. We sold our 1886 home 4 years ago and had Allure flooring in the mudroom, kitchen and laundry area. Everyone, without exception, who viewed the house thought it was wood plank flooring. I loved it so much it now is in my 1953 Cape Cod house in the entrance hall, kitchen and back hall. And it continues to fool!

  7. Pretty floors! I just love your house. Been thinking of replacing the carpet in the living room. Nice to know you like yours and to see what it looks like.

  8. I love Allure flooring. You were so kind to answer my questions about your flooring last year and you may recall that I told you I installed the same floor you have in one of my upstairs this past summer. I have not been sorry about doing it and do plan, when finances allow, to install the same flooring in much of my house. I just visited over at Cottage of the Month and was thrilled to see you were featuring Anita's wonderful house for the November cottage. I have been following her blog for some time now and, like yours, I always find it delightful and interesting. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful! The floors look great, and your bedroom is fabulous, as always. That headboard never gets old! :-) I'm impressed that the jute rug is soft! They always seem so scratchy to me. Great find! ~Angela~

  10. Your bedroom is gorgeous, Jennifer - and it will be even moreso with that new wood flooring! Can't wait to see it when it's all done.


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